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General Vocab
1. Yes (marker word)
2. Wait/ok
3. Sit (verbal and hand sign)
4. Brave (name/look)
5. Let’s play/all done
6. Relax
7. Gear up (harness/gentle leader on)
8. Load up (get in the car)
9. Let’s go/this way
10. Say hi
11. Go in your crate/go home

12. Go potty (on or off leash)

13. Paw/high five
14. Wave
15. Leave it (on leash only)
16. Paws up (two paws on an object)
17. Jump on (four paws on an object)
18. Pretty boy/sit up
19. Surprise (for scary noises)
20. It’s a thing! (for scary objects)
21. Touch (target: nose to two fingers)
22. Spin
23. Give me a kiss

1. Calm/quiet in a crate during the day or at night, alone or with people present
2. Rides well in the car (usually in a crate but has used a seatbelt tether also)
3. Assumingly housetrained (reported so from previous foster homes)
4. Potties on leash on cue and on varying surfaces
5. Gentle-leader trained
6. Treat driven and good eater
7. Gentle treat-taker and has a very soft mouth in general
8. Toy-driven and plays fetch
9. Has stayed in an air BnB successfully
10. Does well for baths and nail dremeling
11. Can wait at doors, in the crate, and out in the world
12. Calm on leash (if no people are present)
13. Incredibly dog friendly and playful
14. Great hiker and jogger
15. Loves water, pools (big or small), and snow
16. Mostly very quite overall (but this may change in a house setting)
17. Gives kisses when asked
18. Mostly fine with loud noises
19. Calm gearing up for harness/collar/gentle leader
20. Very light shedding of the coat (on his current diet)
21. He is overall very healthy as far as we can tell


1. Trust with men/strangers (panicky around men, but has made lots of progress and
warmed up to some; women will be faster)
2. Confidence in new spaces

1. Cats
2. Children

Homes Not Recommended Currently
1. Homes with kids under around the age of thirteen
2. Elderly owners (just due to his size and energy)
3. Homes with excessive social expectations for his personality/history

1. Trust with men/strangers
2. Confidence in new spaces

He is on calming treats and oil to help him relax around people

Let’s Work Together

Please reach out if you think you maybe a good fit for our Brave Boy!

Thanks for submitting!

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