Everyone loves a clean pup! 


Why Choose Us?

Got matting? Have a special-needs or elderly dog? Need a furminator treatment? We’re ready to help! Our grooming at Dogland specializes in low-stress and fast, yet gentle, grooming. Dogs are done one at a time and kept here as short of time as possible. 

Our grooming is available Tuesday-Saturday, by appointment. Shot records, including bordatella, are required for all grooming dogs. 

Give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll get your dog (or cat) in asap!

Bath and Brush 

A happy dog is often, well, a dirty dog. While it’s fun for your dog, we know that he or she is about due for a good bath every now and then. Our basic bath and brush at Arie’s Dogland includes a sudsy bath, blow dry, brush out and nail trim and/or file. Our goal with the simple bath and brush, in addition to a happy owner, is a clean, happy dog or puppy whose grooming experience is as fast and low-stress as dogly pawsible!



Bath, Brush and clip (hair cut)

For all of you long-haired-breed owners (including you, Doodle folks!) we know your pup needs more than just the occasional bath, so let us show you what a great breed clip can look like on your furry pal. Our bath, brush and clip includes the bath (shampoo and conditioner), blow out, brush, breed clip (you tell us what you want!), and nail trim.

Also: We STRONGLY recommend that puppies of all breeds and coat types begin having professional grooming done early, to help ease them in to grooming while still young.

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Estimated Grooming Price List

In addition to the estimated base prices below, our prices are also based on:

- Your dog’s breed and weight

- Your dog’s coat condition (is there matting, behavior fee, etc.)

- What we’re doing for the dog (bath, clip, special treatment, etc.)

- How the dog behaves for the grooming process (is a muzzle needed for any growling/snapping, etc.)

Breed clips range from $55 for small dogs (yorkies, etc.), and up to around $85 for large dogs breed and size depending. 

Doodles & Poodles start at $75 and up. Matting extra; see below.

Bath-and-brushes start at around $25 for small, short-haired dogs (beagles, etc.), and go up to around $55 for large, short-haired dogs (labs, etc); breed and size depending.

Bath, brush and trims start at around $38 for small dogs, and go up from there; breed and size depending. 

Specialty Services

Other options in addition to your dog’s service:

- Furminator treatment (extra $10-$30 depending on breed/size)

- Hand scissoring


Nail Trim/ Grinding 

- Any size dog: $12 without grooming 

- A basic nail trim is included in all grooming services

- Same-day nail trims usually available by appointment


Ear Plucking and Cleaning

- Ear plucking is extra $5

cleaning is included in all grooming services for breeds that need it



– Normal Matting: $5-$15

– Severe Matting or large dog: $20-$35

Contact us:

Phone : (505) 884-4335

Email : info@Ariesdogland.com

(email is the best form of contact in general since we're busy taking care of dogs and puppies!)

Please Note: Private training sessions are currently booked out around four weeks.
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Please Note:

Due to the new state guidelines regarding Covid-19, we will unfortunately not be starting any PuppyPlus classes anytime soon. For more information on these guidelines, see the info box on the Training page.

Private sessions are still an option and highly recommended right now, as there is still a TON of information and homework that the trainer can give you to still help get your puppy going in the right direction, despite the madness right now. However, these are also limited in availability right now, so feel free to send a contact form, and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible. Regarding private sessions, the guidelines mandate that we must have the private session entirely outside until further notice. So sorry!

Thanks so much for your consideration and understanding in helping us keep the bigger picture in mind right now - the health and safety of ourselves and everyone else around us.

~ Arie's Dogland Management