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 Come see why Arie's Dogland was just awarded:

Best Doggie Daycare (first year category)

by the Albuquerque Journal! 

We also were awared with Best Doggie Daycare from Albuquerque  the Magazine our first year of being open!


Doggie Playgroup

Socializing a puppy under four months old is crucial for their overall development and well-being. During this critical period, puppies are more receptive to new experiences, people, and environments. Positive socialization exposes them to various sights, sounds, and smells, helping them build confidence and adaptability. By introducing a young pup to different animals, humans, and situations, they develop better communication and play skills. Socialization also reduces the likelihood of behavioral problems later in life, such as fearfulness, anxiety, and aggression. It lays the foundation for a well-adjusted, friendly, and happy adult dog that can interact harmoniously with other pets and people. Responsible puppy socialization is an investment that nurtures a lifetime of positive interactions and enriches the bond between pet and owner.

Our dog day care (or doggie play group, as we call it) provides safe, stimulating fun not only for big dogs, but also for small dogs and puppies alike – all in their own separate areas! Arie’s Dogland bases its model on facilities from New York to Beverly Hills – facilities that are clean, well-supervised, indoors, and with a modern style. We know you love your dog… we do too! Come check us out and see why we’re the place that every dog dreams of.

For all small and tiny dogs and puppies (under 25lbs).
For large and medium breed puppies

Accepting under 13 weeks!

Open Enrollment

For all of our big guys over 30lbs
(Currently full except for
Puppyville grads)
Being owned by a Professional Dog Trainer, we know how important it is for dogs of all breeds and sizes to have the socialization and play that they need. That’s where we come in!


New puppies interested in playgroup (or a class) must do a scheduled "intro" so they can meet the group, and they can tell us how they feel about seeing other dogs and puppies. Intros are free. 

Intros are held Monday through Friday (weekdays only), ideally from 8am-10am or 1:30pm-3pm, but times can be flexible.

Please keep in mind that puppies aren't quite ready to stay on their first day, so plan for a couple "intros" or short visits at first. Your pup will let us know with his/her behavior when he or she is ready to stay and play!


Play Group Hours

~ Tuesday – Friday, weekdays only, starting at 7am. Central Park (big dogs) are crated at 4pm, and do not have a nap time. Tiny Town are crated at 4:15pm. Dogs may be picked up anytime before 6pm.

~ All puppies and little dogs are crated for a mandatory nap time in the middle of the day for about 90 minutes. This simulates a dog’s natural nap time, prevents dogs and puppies from becoming over-tired, and ensures that they’re playing all the way up until you pick him or her up, so the dog or puppy is worn out for you when you pick up your pup. Also, if your dog gets lunch or a snack (most dogs get our frozen, stuffed Kongs), they will be fed during this time as well. 

Temperament Requirements

~ Dogs must not be human aggressive/reactive, or dog aggressive/reactive in any way.

~ Dogs must not show any bullying behavior or excessive “rude” behavior.

~ Dogs will be tested on their first day to ensure that the dog is ready for play group. This mandatory intro (info above) is required; if your dog looks ready and comfortable, he or she will be given the go-ahead, and is we will let you know the next step (usually an hour or half-day). If he or she does not pass the initial behavior assessment, you will be given specifics on why, and we will give you options on what would be the next best step for the dog/puppy (often a private session is recommended). 

Vaccination/ Sterilization Requirements

~ Adults must be current on the Distemper/Parvo & Rabies vaccines

~ Puppies must have at least two sets of the Distemper/Parvo vaccines to start

~ Dogs/puppies must have a clean fecal exam

~ All dogs must be current on Bordetella (any form your vet chooses is acceptable)

~ All dogs must have the Rabies vaccine by the age of six months

~ All dogs must be spayed or neutered by the age of six months to continue playgroup. If you choose to wait until your dog is older to be spayed or neutered, they are welcome back after being spayed or neutered


Our Pricing and Add-Ons

~ Full-day play group (any group): $36 per day, plus tax.

~ Half-day play group (any four hours): $24 per day, plus tax.

~ Add a second dog for play group (or third, or more), full day only: $24 per additional dog. HOWEVER: Most "sibling" dogs (actual siblings, or housemates) may not play together in the same yard at the same time, as there are often jealousy/possessive issues when one dog tries to play with the others, and/or they may team up against other dogs. Sibling dogs are taken on a case-by-case basis.  

~ Lunch: You may bring your dog's own lunch in a labeled baggie or container, or they may have a Kong (Stuffed Kong with mashed potatoes and canned food (typically Fromm or dehydrated Honest Kitchen). No extra charge.


After your dog has done at least three days of playgroup, ask us for package details!

*Note: While playgroup package days do not expire, they are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be used for other products or services.


Nevi demonstrating an intro with Lulu & Chance.

This is a dramatization, dogs are grouped according to size and weight

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It’s puppy play group time!!! We know that puppies need mental stimulation, exercise, and proper socialization more than anyone. But we do want to make sure that it is in a safe, clean, positive environment. That’s why we have a place just for them at Arie’s Dogland!

We know with newer studies that a puppy's socialization window closes at 16 weeks, so there is no better time than now!

Our puppy play group is open to all puppies who have had at least two sets of distemper/parvo shots, current on Bordetella and a clean fecal. So rest easy knowing that we are safely exposing them to other vaccinated puppies. 

Puppies must be spayed/neutered and have their rabies vaccine by the age of six months

Note : Not Accepting New Puppies

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Have a small dog who’s little but just as playful as the big guys? Bring him or her on in! At Arie’s Dogland, we don’t discriminate against the little guys… They have their own separate area to come play all day! 

This yard is perfect for small breed puppies and adults! Trust in us for your little one, we have many pups under 5lbs! This yard has a weight limit of 30lbs, so no need to ever worry about your little one!

As with all of our play groups, this group is entirely supervised, and has varied surfaces of rubber, potty patches to potty on, play structures, toys and more!

Note: Tiny Town is for tiny to small adult dogs (such as Shih Tzus, Maltese, etc.), as well as small or very young puppies. For puppies in general, it is both their size and their temperament/play style that will help us decide which group they will fit best in. 

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Central Park is reserved for Puppyville graduates; we are currently not accepting new adult dogs.

Central Park is held on our 2100+ square foot, entirely-rubber surface, and is supervised by one to two play group supervisors (depending on the number of dogs) at all times. This area also has artificial turf potty patches, so dogs know where to go potty during the day, and we can keep the play group area clean!

Note: This yard is for dogs and puppies over 30 pounds, at our discretion depending on size and temperament/play style. 

Some of our tired, passed-out Playgroupers . . .

Our Puppy Playgroup's main goals are: 

- To properly socialize puppies to mold them into well-rounded dogs!

Wear them out both physically and mentally!

 ..... Don't take our word for it - scroll through the photos above to see some of our tired out, happy regulars!!! 

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