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Come check us out to see what we have for your awesome dog, or ask us whatever questions you may have regarding food or any other supplies! Also.....



Canine Food & Nutrition 101 :
Picking a Good Food for your pup



We carry only high-quality dog food brands that we know, trust, and feed our own dogs. Our brands are also always made in the USA and Canada and are on the Whole Dog Journal ( annual approved list.


When considering what food to buy for your dog, you should always:

1.     Read the first eight or so ingredients on the bag (this is the bulk of it)

2.     Do not be influenced by commercials or dog food packaging

3.     Do not be reassured by that foods with names such as “healthy formula” or “smart blend” etc.; these are often inadequate foods that are trying to get your attention and appear to be healthy. Read the ingredients.


Remember also – if you’re switching from a very low-quality food to a very high-quality food, this can be quite a change to your dog’s system if he or she isn't used to dense, high-quality food. Go slowly so your dog can properly adjust; as in 20% of the new food the first day, 40% the next, etc., until your dog is on the new food entirely. Probiotics might help the transition too if your dog has a sensitive stomach. Ask us for help and ideas on good food brands to transition your dog to, given what he or she is currently fed.


This will give you the basics, so you can start to look for good-quality ingredients in your dog’s food to keep him or her healthy. They will thank you, and you will have a healthier, happier dog.


Feel free to also utilize these helpful, non-biased websites (which also offer email recall alerts):



Regarding the recent taurine/grain-free/DCM publicity...


There is a LOT more to it than is readily made public, and there is still so much more research that needs to be done. Being that this issue affects such a small number of dogs (about 500 cases have been reported, and not all cases were fatal), compared to, for example, the estimated number quoted in Veterinary Surgery of 40,000 to 60,000 dogs that die of bloat (gastric dilation-volvulus) each year, we feel this is a relatively small issue that has been greatly blown out of proportion and has unnecessarily scared a lot of well-meaning dog owners. However, here is some helpful info that might help decode the issue a little. 


The bottom line for now, and why we here at Dogland won't currently be changing anything in what we carry or stand by our foods, is that the FDA states that they "do not think these cases can be explained simply by whether or not they contain grains, or by brand or manufacturer.". Until there is information proving an actual correlation between diet and DCM, we will continue to stand by our foods and will await more info. 


In addition to the article attached, here is another greatly helpful website as well. 

What you want:

  • A meat source as the first and/or second ingredient

  • Meat meals (these are good – consider it to be condensed meat with the water and juices removed and/or cooked out of it)

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Vitamins and supplements

What you don't want:

  • By-products (as this can be anything such as beaks, feet, etc.)

  • Artificial colors/flavors (can cause cancers… we shouldn’t eat them either)

  • Corn or wheat (these are used as “fillers” and are not very nutritional)

  • Soy/soybean meal (again- fillers that can be compared to eating cereal)

Food brands that we carry

Don't worry if you don't see what you feed, please ask. Most of the time we can order it just for your pup! Plus we have competitive pricing!


Dogland's FAVORITES!

Orijen logo.jpg
Why we carry what we do


We carry only high-quality dog food brands that we know, trust, and feed our own dogs. Our brands are also always made in the USA, and on the Whole Dog Journal ( annual approved list.

  • The Honest Kitchen: If you’re looking for a superior-grade dog food that consists of only human-grade ingredients, this food is for you (or your dog, we should say… or, since it’s human-grade, you could share!). This food is dehydrated to retain more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the standard cooking process can cook out of a dog’s food. Simply re-hydrate with warm water, let all the goodness soak in and absorb the water, and let your dog dive in. This food is also fabulous for a highly-nutritious meal topper or Kong-stuffer.

  • Fromm Family: This is by far our biggest-seller in the dry food department. The Fromm company is a family-owned company based out of Wisconsin. Our favorite aspects of this brand are that meat is always the first, and second, and oftentimes even third ingredients; we also love the fact that Fromm has LOTS of different flavors and varieties, so it’s easy to give your dog the protein changes he or she needs. We have yet to have a dog not like our Fromm foods.

  • NutriSource: This is another one of our favorite brands, and likely our most popular next to Fromm. NutriSource is fantastic mainly because this brand adds lots of pre- and probiotics to their foods, so for a dog who has tummy troubles, this food is perfect. It’s also a great food for dogs who have allergies to certain ingredients, as it has a good variety of protein and grain sources.


Other brands we carry

Whether you are looking for your pup's new favorite toy, a new sturdy chew thing, or training gear, we have got you covered!

Stop by let us know what you need help with and we'll steer you in the right direction!

earth rated
The fun stuff


We only carry “toys with a purpose.” If you’re looking for a little fluffy stuffed toy that your dog will destroy in 30 seconds, and you enjoy trying to grab all of the fuzz and fluff before Fido can ingest it all and send himself to the hospital, then our toy section is not for you. However, if you’re looking for toys that you can be interactive with your dog with, or toys that give your dog’s brain a job, then hurry up and come see what we have!

  • Kong Wobbler: Our very favorite food/puzzle toy! This sturdy toy can be unscrewed at the bottom for you to put your dog’s treats or meal in, then he or she can wobble it around to spill the food out. This puzzle toy should be in every dog’s home.

  • Rope Tug Toys: We might be one of few training facilities that promotes tug-of-war games, but good news for your dog… we’re all for it! We have crinkle rope toys as well as super sturdy rope toys that are perfect for a good game of tug with your dog to get some much-needed energy out and to give him or her something to really chomp on. Remember to supervise your dog and engage your dog in this play; rope toys are not meant to be left around to be eaten!

Our newest brand of toys, and the owner’s dog’s favorite toy ever! We carry Jolly Ball’s tug-n-toss balls, footballs, two different sizes of the soccer ball – Myer’s favorite! This sturdy toys made with tough, rubber-type materials are fantastic for the dog who likes to chase around and herd things, as well as to play with your dog with a good

  • Jolly Ball Toys:ol’ game of fetch with the football or soccer ball. These toys float, and also don’t have a bladder, so your dog is welcome to bite as hard as he or she wants!



  • Bully Sticks – 6” regular and odorless

  • Beef Tracheas (gross but great for puppies!)

  • Himalayan/Yak Chews – Made out of milk that has been processed down into super tough “bars” – great for the super duper chewer of all sizes!

  • Cow Ears (also kinda gross, but great for puppies and little dogs!)

  • Beef Marrow Bones – small (cut), and whole

  • Beef Knuckle Bones – they’re huge but we recommend them for puppies large and small alike

  • Dogwood Sticks (Nylabone-like and made for stick-lovers!)

  • Deerhorn Sticks (Nylabone-like and has real antler in it, but not as hard as antlers so as to be safer on your dog’s teeth)

  • And much more!


More info coming soon! For now, suffice it to say that we have every type of chew thing your dog would need, so to save us all some time, stop reading and just come by!


We carry practically everything you need to help train your dog with reward-based methods! Here are some of the supplies we have to help your dog’s training, and the relationship between you, be as smooth as you’d like it to be.

  • Leashes: 6’ locally-made regular leashes, 4’ leashes locally made by the Warrior Canine Connection (, and 4’ specialty leashes clearly stating that your dog is “FRIENDLY” or “NERVOUS”. We also carry the long leads required for our puppy class – 30’, also locally made.

  • Harnesses: We only carry our favorite kind of no-pull harness – the Wonder Walker Harness. This is the easiest type of harness to put on a dog, and with the leash clipping onto the chest/front, it gives you more control of your dog.
    Gentle Leaders: A type of no-pull, head halter for dogs, we have some of the lowest prices in town for our Gentle Leaders. Ask us also for the handout from Arie on how to step-by-step acclimate your dog to the Gentle Leader!

  • Training Treats: We have every kind of training treat you could possibly need for your dog or puppy! This includes small, meaty treats from brands such as Zuke’s, Train Me!, Pet Botanics, Natural Balance, Wellness, and more. We also have crunchy treats such as Charlee Bears for that crunch-lover, and straight up meat treats (freeze-dried or dehydrated) from PureBites and Sedona Naturals - beef liver chips made in Arizona!

  • Treat Bags: Have your treat bag loaded with your dog’s favorite treats so you can be locked and loaded and ready for whatever the world throws at you!

  • Others: Don’t worry, we have more! Come see what other gear we have to help you and your dog!


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