“Our mission at Arie’s Dogland is to provide a modern, premier facility for our clients’ dogs’ training, socialization, nutrition, and grooming; promoting reward-based, effective dog training, safe, fun stimulating play group, and low-stress, professional grooming. We wish to offer dog-lovers peace of mind with all aspects of their dog or puppy’s well-being at Arie’s Dogland, aiming to be "the place that every dog dreams of.”

We are happy to announce that Dogland was voted the "Best Dog Training" for the 4th straight year according to all of our amazing clients and Albuquerque Journal Readers' Choice!
Also voted "Best Doggie Daycare" our very1st year of being open!!

 Why you should choose us...

Arie's Dogland as it is today began as a dream over fifteen years ago. Over those years, experience, tons of information, research, and lots of  team work from many, many people accumulated to form the business that is now. It went through many different styles, ideas, and names. We knew that with our many years of experience in the dog industries (training, boarding, grooming, daycare, etc.), we felt we could do things better (and safer) than any other facility in town. We have planned our entire facility specifically to be able to run our business very well and very efficiently, including everything from a custom-built grooming room to highly-researched flooring - a type of recycled rubber that gives the dogs traction and lets us maintain a clean floor surface. We are very grateful for all of the expertise and help (in so many ways) we have received over the years to help make this dream come true.

Did you recently get a puppy?!?!

Did you recently get a puppy? Are you a first-time puppy parent? Well good job you, you came to the right place! Arie's Dogland is Albuquerque's Puppy Headquarters!

Let us help you mold your puppy to the best dog he/she can possibly be. We know how important the first three months of puppyhood are, let us blow your mind on everything you need to know! Check out our all-inclusive Puppy Jump-Start package.

Let’s face it, Arie is REALLY good at helping fix problem behaviors in dogs and puppies… but do you know what’s even better and so much easier? Preventing these behavior problems, to begin with! This is the ultimate package to start your dog off right – ideally starting as soon as you get the puppy… or as soon as you see this package!

Our Hours:

Monday – Friday: 7 AM to 6 PM

(Playgroup is Monday – Friday 7 AM to 4 PM)


Saturday: 9 AM to 2 PM

(Training, grooming, lobby open; no playgroup)


Sunday: CLOSED

(Except for Training Classes)

Please Note:

In the case of inclement weather, and icy roads especially, we will do our best to get here to be open. We should always have someone that can get here to open. However, some of our playgroup staff may not be able to get here right away, depending on where they live and what the weather/roads are like.

You are still welcome to come and bring your playgroup dog on winter weather days, and we will put them in the yard as soon as we have adequate staff.

Contact us:

Phone : (505) 884-4335

Email : info@Ariesdogland.com

(email is the best form of contact since we're usually taking care of dogs and puppies!)

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