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We all know your pup is a part of your family and deserves only the best care. Take a minute to meet our family... and pretty soon you'll be a part of the Dogland family! 



with Sven & Zero

- Manager -

Hi, it's me, Miranda! For those of you who don't know me, I'm your dog's favorite person, besides you of course! Being Arie's wife I have been along for the whole ride of making Dogland what it is today, from the time that it was just Arie's dream. So much thought and time went into this dream trust me when I say that your puppy is in the best hands possible. We have the best staff possible watching and caring for your pup (as you'll see)! I'm so proud to be a part of Arie's Dogland and all that it is! 

About myself... I'm obsessed with puppies.. especially when they have puppy breath! I've worked in the pet industry for over 13 years now. As a manager here at Dogland, I love that we get to make this literally the best place for your pup!

Fun facts about me, I'm obsessed with decorating Dogland for the holidays, mainly Halloween and Christmas (as you will see)! In addition to being our website designer, I'm also an amateur photographer hence our yearly Valentines, Halloween & Christmas pictures we do for our playgroupers.

Can't wait to meet you and your pup!



with Achilles

- Manager - 

I am a New Mexico native and I graduated from UNM with a BBA, Marketing Concentration. I also earned a Teacher's License and have taught Life Science, English, and Math. I have over 20 years of experience in customer service and over six years of management experience.  Besides managing at Arie's Dogland, I managed a national computer software store and did technical customer service for Directv. My most rewarding achievement, however, was, along with my husband, raising and homeschooling Arie and her two brothers. During those years, I was very active with their sports teams and was Rams Club Soccer president for many years. Although raising my kids was my favorite "job", working with Arie, Miranda, the staff, and the clients and pups at Dogland has been a tremendous experience!!! At Arie's Dogland, I am able to put my business/marketing degree to work, plus I get to work with people and dogs!!! What could be better?! I enjoy coming to work each and every day! 


with Goose, Jackie & Baxter

- Playgroup Manager -

Hi! My name is Amanda and I started working in the pet industry in 2009, but was lucky enough to start at Arie's in 2016. I'm married with 2 daughters, 4 pups, and 1 cat. My first pet related job was at a boarding facility and the minute I started, I knew that this was what I was meant to do. On top of getting to work with others' pets, I've been a dog owner almost my entire life and treat every furry family member the way I'd treat my own. Being part of the Dogland family is amazing and it's a great feeling to know that we all genuinely care about every dog we meet. I've learned so much more about puppy behavior and socialization since starting at Dogland and it's incredibly rewarding to watch these sweet puppies blossom into confident, happy, and well-behaved companions.  I hope I get to meet your awesome four-legged friend soon!


with Shylock

- Central Park -

My name is Colin Patrick Ennen, one of your dog's best pals. Many canines, both in New Mexico and beyond, have revelled in my friendship. Some science claims we humans share between 75 and 84% of our DNA with dogs. I think it's safe to say I'm somewhere around 90%.

 I am a 2003 graduate of Texas A&M University with a B.A. in English. Having been a dog person all my life, it only made sense that while a student there I helped take care of the school's mascot, a Collie named Reveille. I may also have learned a few things along the way.

After school I hopped from job to job, city to city, struggling to find my niche, until one day a half-decade or so ago it hit me: animals. They like me, I like them, what could be better? I'll tell you what could be better. Writing fiction on the side. Mostly short stuff, for now, I'm just starting to submit. Got a few things published. But when I hit the New York Times Bestseller list, y'all and your dogs can say you knew me way back when... 


with (Central Parker) Chill

-Tiny Town / Central Park-

Hi! my name is Kiley. I have been working in the pet industry since 2008. Before Arie's Dogland, I worked in various daycare and boarding facilities in Arizona. Honestly, I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Dogland family! I have the most patient, loving, and knowledgeable co-workers. We strive to provide consistent care, attention, and guidance for your furry companion. The most rewarding aspect of guiding a dog through the socialization process is seeing them make lasting friendships with both humans and canines. I love receiving excited hellos and smiles from the dogs when they come through the door. It's the best!


with (Tiny Towners)

Pumba, Olive and Pippa

-Tiny Town -

Hello, my name is Sarah. I was born in Massachusetts, but then moved to California where I worked as a Veterinary Assistant. I have lived in New Mexico and have worked here at Arie's Dogland since early 2019. I love hiking and going to museums on my free time.

I love being with and taking care of your dogs! Their safety and well being is my #1 priority, and that they are having fun is a close second. 

We have created a great Tiny Town group.... can't wait to have your little one be a part of it!

Hi my name is Jade! I started off grooming at the PetSmart Grooming Academy in 2008. There I learned how to bathe and begin basic grooming. After leaving PetSmart I went on to working other smaller shops picking up different skills along the way. Now I have over ten years of experience! I can do anything from a breed clip, hand scissoring, cat grooming and rehabilitating pets who have had bad experiences. I take my time when it comes to pets who have never been professionally groomed especially puppies making it a positive experience from the beginning. I do love more creative grooming including hair dying and new trend in Asian style grooming. I'm always looking for the perfect cut for pup whether that be a traditional breed clip or if you want something special to show off their personality! 

Our Groomer


with Kiki & Raptor

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Due to the new state guidelines regarding Covid-19, we will unfortunately not be starting any PuppyPlus classes anytime soon. For more information on these guidelines, see the info box on the Training page. 

We will re-assess our training class options at the beginning of November, but at this point, we do not have any referral options either, as other facilities we normally recommend are not yet open for training classes either. Private sessions are still an option and highly recommended right now, as there is still a TON of information and homework that the trainer can give you to still help get your puppy going in the right direction, despite the madness right now. However, these are also limited in availability right now, so feel free to send a contact form, and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible. Regarding private sessions, the guidelines mandate that we must have the private session entirely outside until further notice, so you will be asked if you have shade anywhere on your property in the afternoon time of day. So sorry!

Thanks so much for your consideration and understanding in helping us keep the bigger picture in mind right now - the health and safety of ourselves and everyone else around us. 

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